Traditional dry gin, crafted in small batches with hand picked botanicals.

Born and raised in the countryside of Yorkshire, our Hedgerow Gin brings together the nip of crab apple, grassy nettle leaf and sloe stones with the sweet tang of rosehip, cloudy elderflowers and heady wildflower meadow hay.


The classic G&T blending dry, subtle fruity, floral flavours with a distinctive savoury finish.

Fill a copa glass with ice
Add 50ml Hedgerow Gin
Top up with premium original tonic
Garnish with fresh thyme & an apple slice


A light, summery refresher for long hot evenings.

Fill a copa glass with ice
Add 25ml Hedgerow Gin
12.5ml elderflower cordial
3-4 torn mint leaves
Top up with Prosecco
Garnish with a sprig of mint


Classic Sours taste – tangy, refreshing and creamy – with a twist of ‘Sloemotion liqueur’ for depth and a hint of sweetness.

Fill a shaker with ice
Add 25ml Hedgerow Gin
50ml Sloemotion Cherry Brandy or Sloe Gin
1/2 lime juice, 1/2 lemon juice
Egg white (optional)
Shake and strain over ice into a rocks glass
Garnish with a lime wedge


For those who like their classic G&T with a bit more tang.

Fill a tall glass with ice
Add 50ml Hedgerow Gin
Top up with lemon tonic
Garnish with lemon slices & fresh thyme

We love pulling on our gloves and setting out to forage for our botanicals from among the teeming thorns, stinging nettles and rich wildlife of our local hedgerows. Here’s why it’s so worth the effort.


The delicate floral taste of spring and summer days.


Brings a rich, deep and fruity dryness.

Nettle Leaf

Packs a savoury & grassy bite.

Crab Apple

A hotchpotch of green and orange, sweet and tart.

Sloe Stones

Recycled from our sloe gin production, bringing a gentle nutty flavour.

Wildflower Hay

Light herb & floral tones of vernal grass, meadowsweet & purple wild thyme.

With a background in conservation & farming, Sloemotion’s Joff Curtoys has a passion for the land and the wildlife that lives there.

The fields, the rich meadows, the vibrant woodland and especially the tangled hedgerows in North Yorkshire provided the inspiration for Sloemotion and is still at the heart of every decision made.

Hedgerow Gin is the fruit of many years of hard work by the award-winning team here at Green Farm. The care that is taken with the hand-picked hedgerow botanicals that enhance this unique gin, is evident in every sip.

It’s a taste that could come from nowhere else – a real British Spirit with Yorkshire heart.